Letter of Undertaking

Our company voluntarily applies to become a member of China (Shanghai) Gems & Jade Exchange (hereinafter referred to as CGE), and undertakes as follows:

1. Comply with the membership management and trading system of CGE;

2. Accept the supervision and management of relevant national departments and CGE;

3. Do not use the resources or services from the platform of CGE to commit an offense or non-compliance;

4. Members will take full responsibility for the transaction conducted by its authorized representatives in CGE;

5. We promise that all information (including text materials, pictures, products and other multimedia materials) provided and released on the trading platform of CGE are authentic, accurate and legal, conform to the public order and good customs, and will not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of any third party.

6. Abide by the principle of good faith during the trading process, do not take illegal or unfair competition behaviors such as false propaganda during the process, do not disturb the normal order of the trading platform, and do not engage in behaviors unrelated to transactions on the platform.

7. Promise to maintain the good reputation and corporate image of CGE, and do not make any speech or action that will damage the "brand image" and reputation of GCE.

8. Observe other rights and obligations stipulated in the management and trading system related to members publicized by CGE on its official website.

Your registration information has been submitted,

please wait patiently for the operator's review, thank you

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Membership notice

1. An enterprise legal person registered in the territory of the People's Republic of China who has been engaged in the import, export, wholesale, processing, retail and production of gems and jade for more than three years (including three years);

2. Have good business reputation and credit certification;

3. Have a good social reputation and good faith record;

4. Have more than two enterprises recommended by members or industry associations of China Gems & Jade Exchange;

5. Willing to consciously abide by the provisions of China Gems & Jade Exchange;

6. Enterprise contact number: 021-63191818 to GMSC;

7. Email:jack.chen@csgje.com